Grow a Succesful Coaching Practice as an Introvert / HSP

Leverage Your Unique Strengths to Attract More Clients (without burning out or being a fake extrovert)


The Truth is that Introverts and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are Powerful Coaches...

BUT we are often misunderstood & given terrible business advice that doesn't fit our unique skillsets and personalities.
This program will help you leverage your personality traits as the assets they really are! You'll learn how to use your natural abilities for building relationships & communicating clearly without having to be someone you're not.

Learn to avoid burnout and THRIVE while doing what you love most - helping others succeed in life & business!

Goal Alignment Coaching will help you:

Identify Your Goals + Actions

Get clear on your top priorities and action steps that will keep you moving forward (minus the burnout).
Say goodbye to self-sabotage and finally get into aligned action towards meaningful goals! Science shows that HSPs have to tap into a strong, positive emotional 'why' on a deep level to be truly motivated and successful.

Manage Your Energy

Running a business is a lot for anyone to handle. Introverts
and HSPs can be particularly drained by the sheer amount of to-do's & info thrown at them every day. It's critical you learn to manage your unique energy needs & understand HSPs literally have differently-wired nervous systems than 80% of the population!

Master Your Mindset

Create a new sense of awareness around
the thoughts and conditioning creating your reality.
Clear away self-doubt and enjoy newfound clarity and confidence as an Introvert/HSP. You have faced unique challenges & it's critical that you reframe your past through a new lens of deeper understanding of what makes you tick.

Tap Into Your True Power

You may have been underestimated before or even thought there was something 'wrong with you' growing up. It's time to flip the script! High sensitivity & introversion brings both many advantages and some unique challenges. You have remarkable abilities that can create real advantages as a coach. It's time to embrace your true power.

“Julie was so thoughtful throughout the session. I felt seen and held. She guided me from feeling stuck and helpless to having a clear set of steps to start moving toward my goal. I would recommend her to coach anyone through a similar issue.”

— Whittney K.

The 4-Week Coaching Program Includes:

Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions ($600 Value)

Join inspiring group sessions each week that include powerful embodiment and belief-shifting techniques performed live. Get support and enjoy the connection and community even introverts have been craving the past year.

Videos + Workbooks + Facebook Group ($200 Value)

In between live sessions, you will work through powerful exercises in your own time to dig even deeper into what is holding you back and what needs to be released to finally find the success you crave. Stay accountable in a FB Group.

Proven Strategies to Reach Your Goals

Science + mindset magic. We will use science-backed techniques for high-performance and energy management that every introvert & HSP needs.

One-on-One Sessions with Julie ($450 Value)

In addition to the four group sessions, you will receive three 1:1 sessions with Julie! These hands-on, personalized experiences are your time to get support + experience powerful techniques that will create dramatic shifts. Sensitive people benefit more than average from positive interventions and coaching!

Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe
Founder, Socially Aligned

Julie is an HSP + Introvert + Empath and has successfully helped thousands of online coaches and consultants grow their businesses over the past 8 years, as well as grown her own multi-million dollar business.

She's overcome her own limiting beliefs in order to leave behind a corporate career and reinvent herself (more than once!) and is now helping other sensitive & introverted women tap into their own power and become unstoppable.

Each week we will explore your goals thru the lens of one of the Realms of Magic+Mastery


[The Mental Realm]
Have you ever set goals that were pulled out of thin air...or based on what everyone else was doing? Too many people set their goals without connection to a larger vision. Rather than setting your sights on arbitrary targets, we're going to tie your goals with what matters the most to YOU. Curiosity will lead the way as we dream big together! Be prepared to flip the script on what's been keeping you stuck.


[The Spiritual & Emotional Realm]
It's time to tap into your intuition and shift what you believe is possible. Emotion is at the center of wisdom. Create a life that aligns with what you want, need, and desire.
Be prepared to go deep, channel your higher self and step into the version of you that has it all. Sensitive persons tend to be visionaries, highly intuitive and empathic. Learn how to tap into these natural gifts.


[The Physical Realm]
When you’re highly sensitive and empathic, you need to know your sensitive body very well. No more pushing to your breaking point.

Everyone has a limit to how much information or stimulation can be taken in before getting overloaded, overwhelmed and just plain over it! We simply reach that point sooner than others. Learn your signs and how to optimize recovery and downtime.


[The Energetic Realm]
Learn to find your optimal energetic level that will allow you to be at your best every single day without overloading your nervous system.
We'll explore self-expression and creative outlets. Tap into your passion for what you do and see how it can be made even better when we lighten up & break free of old habits & beliefs.
We'll take a look at any last bits of resistance and move forward with confidence!

“My session with Julie was amazing! I was really nervous to talk about some of my limiting beliefs but she held space for me and made me feel comfortable and safe. She gave me some great feedback and implementation practices for where I am without forcing me to go forward and I really appreciated that.”

— Arielle G.

Find your power.
Take aligned

Coaching specifically designed for Highly Sensitive & Introverted coaches. Learn to build a successful, sustainable coaching practice while still feeling like yourself every step of the way.

Join now at the (first-round only!) price of $997. The journey begins August 2nd and spots are limited.

More Testimonials

“Working with Julie has been a true pleasure and so eye-opening! I had a problem that had been in my way for more than six weeks, and I couldn't find a way past it. Julie gently walked me through an exercise that helped me flip the problem on its head! I remember sitting there in awe at the dots I was suddenly able to connect for myself because of that flip. She provided a new context by reframing the problem for me in a way I never knew was possible. It was so empowering! The best part of working with Julie is that she teaches how to do these skills so you can do them on your own at home. I'm still in awe of how powerful and useful these skills are! I'm so grateful I invested my time in working with Julie. I highly recommend her!" 

Linda K.

“I loved working with Julie. I felt very comfortable talking to her - like she was an old friend. I was able to be brutally honest and even found myself laughing when sharing the difficult truths I have believed. Julie helped me lean into my next step towards growth. I feel it is possible for me to do what I desire, so I can claim my next version self."

Ashley S.


There are other goal-setting programs out there — what makes this different? What sets this coaching program apart is the unique focus on helping HSPs and Introverts leverage their unique skills in the world of coaching. We truly are a different breed and have very unique needs when it comes to how we manage our energy and time. (We're literally wired differently!) We don't have to do business as usual and in fact, we shouldn't – there is a better, more sustainable way! I don't know of any other 7-figure entrepreneurs that are Highly Sensitive /Introverted/Empaths that have created a program of this kind.

Will it be a good fit for me? I'm an Introvert but not an HSP (or vice versa). I have created the workshop to cater to highly sensitive people (HSP), introverts and empaths equally. If any or all of these designations apply to you (or even if you just strongly relate to the challenges I am speaking to on this page), this workshop is for you!

I want to join, but I’m not sure if I have the time. What if you no longer felt like you didn't have time? (And I ask that in all seriousness.) Inside of this workshop, you're going to learn how to warp time so you can work less and make more (more time for the things you love, more money, more impact)! While there are live calls that I'd prioritize attending if at all possible, everything will be recorded, you can submit Qs in advance, and you will have lifetime access to the content so you rewatch whenever you want and as many times as you need.

When do we start and what is the format? We will start the week of August 2nd and will meet weekly for four weeks. The workshop caters to various learning styles and will be a blend of video trainings, audio, workbooks, online coaching calls, meditations, embodiment practices, and a private Facebook group.

Have a question not covered on this page? Email and we'll get back to you shortly.