Human Design Reading with Julie Lowe

Awaken to Your True Self

It is written in the stars...

What if I told you there existed a blueprint of your personality – of your life – and that by learning this information you could start to live a life of authenticity. A life perfectly designed for you and only you. It can be unlocked by learning your Human Design.

What can Human Design do for you in life and business?

No visualization, manifestation, or wishful thinking required. These are truths that lie within you, waiting for you to embrace. It's an actuality rooted in science + spirtuality.

Make Better Decisions

Do you go around and around in your head always second-guessing yourself? Or make snap-decisions and regret it? Learn the best way to make true + lasting decisons based on your Design – which might be the opposite of what you've been taught!

What Makes You Tick

What qualities about yourself are you embracing...or resisting? When you see yourself reflected back so clearly, it becomes impossible to deny the beauty of the life you are here to live and so much easier to start living it authentically.

The Courage to Be You

Have you ever taken a personality test and thought, Yes! That's me!! Only to have no clue what to do with that knowledge? An HD Reading is different – you receive practical advice to use in life, business and relationships based on your design.


Meet Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe

I've helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses for many years now (as the Founder of Socially Aligned), and with this experience came the passion to help entrepreneurs go from "okay" to thriving in ALL areas of their lives.

I've become increasingly clear that the best way to empower others to succeed is to help them embrace their gifts and all parts of themselves. To hold up a mirror to them so they can appreciate (maybe for the first time) how amazingly perfect they are and the power of authenticity. Human Design is a system that does just that, which is why I've fallen in love with sharing this gift with others.

I can't wait to share it it with you too.


"Things feel clear, aligned, and in-flow!"

"It's such a wonderful experience to work with someone who is both capable and naturally talented – Julie is one of those people. I LOVED our session.

As a new mother and an entrepreneur, I have limited time and energy, and I don't have the time or desire to swim upstream.

Julie helped me understand the best ways to manage my energy, and I got clarity about how to market my offerings in a way that works in harmony with my Human Design. Things feel clear, aligned, and in-flow!" 

-Nisha Moodley


"...she gave me the courage to trust and stand in my truth."

"I loved having my reading done by Julie! It was great to learn not only about my in-born characteristic but also hear lots of tips and practical guidance how I can become the best version of myself based on those traits.

The system itself is fascinating, and I was very moved to hear things which I already knew about myself; there is no way Julie could have known details about me or my life and the reading was very accurate.

Julie is very passionate about this subject which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable and hearing her angelic voice takes it to the another level.

Julie went over every aspect of my chart in detail and answered questions I had about it and explained how I could use this system in other aspects of my life, i.e., business or relationships. I can't recommend getting a Human Design reading with Julie enough!

She is like this fairy whispering something I already knew just to give me the courage to trust and stand in my truth. I can feel my energy shifting and it really couldn't come at the better time!”

-Anna Wilk


"It was phenomenal! A mind blowing experience!"

"Being introduced to my Human Design profile, and having a reading with Julie - was the exact soul medicine that I most needed.  

I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy of the reading, and it really helped me return to my truth, the truth of who I am, and what I am destined to do in this lifetime here on earth.  

Julie acts as a wonderful translator of this incredible system, and brings a whole transmission of valuable information, tools and practicality that I can integrate into my life, to help me further express my soul gifts and truth.  

It was a big reminder of what my gifts are, and areas that I can work on, to help me create even more transformation in my life.  

I'd recommend this to anyone at a turning point, or wanting to meet themselves in a deeper way. It is a wonderful tool, and Julie is a wonderful interpreter, that will really highlight what you are here to do, and be, and help you shine your light in the world."  

- Susan Santoro


"...know yourself more at a soul level..."

“I am so excited to have had Julie do a reading for me on my Human Design! During the last few years I have been in search of what really makes me tick and what I should be doing. I've been hard on myself, because I frequently change directions and I am always looking to fix a broken system or at least trying to make things better.  

Julie's reading was totally spot on and she gave me concrete direction on how my innate decision process works.  

Julie offered me ideas, insights and strategies to help me determine which projects I should take on and how to prevent burnout. Her calm and reassuring style is one that helps you see that nothing is good or bad, it just is, and then she helps you create a plan and offers suggestions around where you are and how to best incorporate your innate talents and gifts.

Being able to see my life's blueprint, was not only fascinating but it allows me to move forward with new eyes and a calm appreciation of where I am and where I want to go. Thank you Julie!  

If you are wondering about your purpose, or how you can best make decisions, or if you want to know yourself more at a soul level and what makes you tick in your personal life, business or relationships, I highly recommend a Human Design reading from Julie! You will be amazed!”  

- Susan McMullen


"Priceless information"

“Anyone thinking of having a Human Design reading with Julie should go on right ahead. I was blown away by the accuracy and insights and to read my strengths and blindspots in black and white (and have them as a keepsake after the reading too) is so powerful.

Now I know what to concentrate on to hone my skills, what to be aware of and know where to turn for guidance. I am starting to approve of myself from now on. Priceless information.”

-Karen MacFadyen


"...has transformed how I see myself, in ways greater than I can find the words to express."

"I’m thrilled to report that Julie not only had me in the best kind of tears by 20 minutes into our session (the kind that let you know you're releasing some big stuff), but also that I felt the truth in everything she said about me (that she couldn't have known, and in many cases, that I didn't consciously know yet, either).  

Everything she said resonated in a really beautiful way, and I left the appointment with the best kind of processing brain fog (how I always feel when I've been told something true that takes a bit of time to integrate).  

I learned my unique way of making decisions, and as I’ve been testing it out and revisiting past decisions, I’ve been learning to completely trust myself using it.  

I used to trust my way of making decisions for big life events (when I actually COULDN’T continue on a certain path no matter how hard I tried), but what I’ve found the best since our meeting together has actually been asking myself and getting feedback on the smaller details of my life and work (and knowing I can completely trust my answer).  

Since the meeting with Julie, in my life, I’ve figured out when to say “yes” to a get-together, appointment or anything else, but I’ve also figured out when to say “no”, and when I’ve done this, I’ve felt really free and happy that I have more time for me!  

And in my work, I’ve set up my schedule through a series of questions and decisions using the method that Julie taught me, and I feel complete when I finish my work for the day, and productive while I’m doing it (without the pressure to keep adding new tasks and just keep doing things until I’m burnt out, which used to be more my cycle).  

Julie has an amazing way of bringing this information together and expressing it with such belief in it all, that you can’t help but be inspired (and feel its truth) in your time with her. She’s warm and bright and so comfortable to talk to (or cry with). And what she was able to express to me about myself has transformed how I see myself, in ways greater than I can find the words to express.”  

-Nathalie Norris


"I just feel more at peace overall."

"I've become so much more aware, feel more at peace, and have a better understanding of how to navigate my life since having a Human Design reading with Julie.

Everything feels so much easier to me now. I'm so mindful to make decisions from a more balanced place.”  

- KC Cohn

Are you living a life true to your design? Let's find out, then get you on track.