How to Make Any Launch Strategy
10x More Effective. 

The stress and anxiety you feel around your launch are actually holding you back from making more money! Learn how to stay calm and confident during your launch so you can get more done and magnetically attract people – without burning out.


What if you could stop stressing about your launch and show up with magnetic confidence instead?

Launching is inherently stressful. It’s a high-pressure, high-stakes moment. It can feel like everything is riding on the launch results and we’re afraid to fail. In fact, we can work ourselves into such a state that it can literally feel like a life or death situation to our bodies and send us into fight or flight mode. Don't let stress ruin your next launch – learn how to have a Laidback Launch instead!

The #1 Mindset Shift to Reduce Launch Stress

This simple mindset shift removes stress and guarantees you will have wins to celebrate post-launch.

Make Any Launch Plan 10x More Effective

There are countless ways to launch, but if you're missing this tactic even the best strategy may be doomed.

Leverage 2% of Your Day to Reduce Stress 60%

I know you're short on time, so let's talk about how to get maximum results for minimal time and effort.

"Julie Lowe is a powerful healer and intuitive! 
I had one session with her and I felt a massive shift in my ability to be seen. In one session she helped me heal generational and past traumas and wounds that had me fearing success and playing small before."
— Chantelle

You don't need a new launch strategy, you need to get out of flight/flight mode.

The truth is that the STRESS you feel around launching is what's preventing you from having breakthroughs in your MIND, BODY, and BANK ACCOUNT.

When you join Laidback Launching, here's what you'll get:

My Go-To Strategies to Relieve Anxiety Revealed

Learn the 6 keys to staying calm and confident during your launch so you can get more done and magnetically attract people without burning out. I guarantee you'll have wins to celebrate post-launch!

Nervous System Regulation Techniques (The Secret to 10x Results)

Learn why launching is sending your body into fight or flight mode and what to do about it. Stop panic attacks in their tracks, calm your system and build resilience over time so you can handle anything that comes your way – whether it's a launch, sales call, or a child's meltdown! These techniques will serve you well beyond your launch, equipping you with strategies to use for LIFE.

Mindset for High-Stress Situations (for Launching and Beyond)

Learn strategies to manage your mindset and keep your head in the game before, during, and after your launch. Sometimes a shift in perspective can mean the difference between throwing in the towel and blowing your own damn mind!

A Powerful Self-Care Plan (that takes 30 Minutes or Less!)

I've put together a simple but powerful self-care plan so you will know exactly what to do every day to decrease stress by at least 60%! Perfect for busy launch times but so good you'll use it for life!

BONUS: How to Find More Time in Your Day

Worried you won't find time for this class or the self-care plan? I'm throwing in my top tips for time management so you have ZERO excuses! These are NOT your mama's time-savers – these are hacks I personally developed when things like Time Blocking and the Pomodoro Technique failed me.

Stop the Stress.
Cue the Success. 

9 out of 10 female entrepreneurs are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table every time they launch and I'm on a mission to flip that stat!

My Signature System to Reduce Stress

Stop panic attacks in their tracks, calm your system and build resilience so you can handle anything that comes your way!

Short Videos to
Take Action FAST

No fluff here! I know you're short on time, so the videos are short and to the point with actionable steps you can use immediately.

Detailed Self-Care Plan You Can Use TODAY

I'm taking the guess-work out of stress-relieving self-care and layout EXACTLY what you can do daily to nip anxiety in the bud.

Meet Julie.

Julie Lowe is a certified Life & Success Coach and the founder of Socially Aligned. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs reduce stress before they burn out or burn it all down.

After a life-long battle with anxiety came to a head in 2020, Julie created the ALIGNED coaching method to address the burnout and chronic stress that's so prevalent amongst female entrepreneurs. Over the past decade, she's built a 7-figure company by helping thousands of businesses grow and has dedicated her life to helping others unleash their full potential. She specializes in nervous system regulation, hypnotherapy, and embodiment work.

In her programs, Julie reveals the science-backed practices that changed her life and helps women have breakthroughs in their brains, bodies, and bank accounts.

"I did your neural warm-up routine again this morning and it saved me from a headache and got me out of my head during a super stressful day."
— Natalie


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