How different would your life be if you had superpowers?

Imagine being able to get the same amount of work done in half the time, have a ton of energy to enjoy family time in the evening, and go to bed at night without your mind racing at 100 MPH.

You'd feel like you had superpowers, right?

While I can't give you superhuman strength like Wonder Woman, I can help you become the most energetic, aligned, and successful version of yourself in all areas of life. That's high performance.

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How would it feel to have…

  • Such a good relationship with yourself that you feel more deeply connected to your partner, your kids, and your friends than ever before.
  • The habits and resources to 10X your productivity so you're getting more done while actually working less (and enjoying it more too!)
  • Unleash a surge of limitless energy that will ignite your focus, boost your performance, and supercharge your overall health!

Now maybe you're thinking…

"Okay yeah that sounds nice… but how am I going to accomplish that? I'm already burned out as is… I don't want to add yet another thing to my busy schedule. Can this really be worth it? I feel like I've tried everything…"

And look, I get it. I used to drag myself through each day – constantly overwhelmed, trying to juggle too many tasks at once and feeling like I was drowning in an endless sea of emails, meetings, and deadlines.

I sacrificed my own needs for the sake of my work for far too long and it caught up with me in the form of anxiety, bitterness, and exhaustion.

But then I discovered how to meld high-performance habits with the latest science on stress and it changed my life by not only making me more productive but healthier and happier.

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Now I know what it is like to feel SUPERHUMAN…

  • I am finally shedding those extra "pandemic pounds" and my body feels lighter and more relaxed. My shoulders aren't up by my ears all the time from the tension anymore.
  • My mind feels clearer – my thoughts less cluttered, and my ideas are flowing more freely. (I've even started writing my first book!)
  • I'm more loving and patient – with others and myself instead of feeling wrung out at the end of the day and like I have nothing left to give.
  • I've produced more content in the first month of the year than I did all of last quarter, and business is BOOMINGbut I'm logging off before dinner every night and enjoying my weekends.

Now, let’s be clear – Superhuman does NOT mean:

❌ being perfect
❌ trying to live up to someone else’s expectations
❌ working yourself to the point of exhaustion

It does mean optimizing every part of your life so your…
✅ career
✅ relationships
✅ and health
all run so much smoother.

Imagine feeling happy and fulfilled knowing that you're living in your purpose and living up to your fullest potential. That's superhuman to me.

For me, this looks like no longer
having to deal with…

Horrible headaches from overworking and burnout… drinking just one more cup of coffee to get me through the day without crashing.
Snapping at my husband and kids because I just don’t have anything left to give at the end of the day.
❌ Still feeling like I’m somehow not doing enough and beating myself up over how I’m handling things.

Pursuing your dreams shouldn’t come with collateral damage to your relationships and life.

Everything starts to flow and you'll feel "in the zone" while you're working with so much enthusiasm and energy that it overflows into your relationships and personal life too.

Remember that hobby you wanted to try? You'll finally have time to do it!
Remember date nights with your partner? You can actually enjoy them!

But how do you get there?


The Superhuman Experiment


Each week of 1-on-1 Certified High Performance Coaching will have a different outcome-driven focus to help move you toward a life filled with joy, confidence, and presence.


Focal Points

Faster Results: Your focal point is the most important thing you can do at any given time to attain maximum results in any part of your life. The clearer you are about what you want, the faster you can get it.
Increased Focus: Learn how to stay focused on your goals, leading to increased productivity and more effective time management.



Improved Self-Awareness: By seeking clarity on who you want to be and what you want, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your goals. With greater self-awareness you will make more well-informed decisions.
Fulfillment and Meaning: By focusing on what will bring you the greatest meaning and fulfillment, you will be better equipped to identify and pursue initiatives that align with your values and goals, leading to a more satisfying life.



Increased Energy: By learning how to generate energy, you will be able to maintain focus, effort, and well-being, leading to increased productivity and a more fulfilling life.
Improved Mental and Physical Health: Learn how to care for your mental stamina, physical energy, and positive emotions, which will lead to improved mental and physical health.



Improved Confidence: By learning to demonstrate courage, you will develop a stronger sense of confidence and self-assurance, empowering you to take bold action and pursue your goals with determination.
Increased Resilience: When you stand up for yourself and others, even in challenging circumstances, you're building your resilience and ability to persevere in the face of obstacles.



Greater Success: By focusing on producing high-quality work, and more of it, you will be better positioned to achieve your goals, leading to greater success and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.
Improved Work-Life Balance: By focusing on productivity, you will be able to balance your work and personal life more effectively, leading to greater overall satisfaction and well-being.



Improved Relationships: By developing influence, you will be better able to build strong relationships with those around you, leading to greater support for your work.
Enhanced Leadership Skills: Learn to effectively communicate, negotiate, and inspire others, building your leadership skills and making you more effective in both personal and professional settings.



Increased Control: Learn how to take control of your life by making better choices, leading to greater autonomy and personal power.
Improved Well-Being: By choosing better thoughts, habits, and behaviors, you will be able to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.



Increased Well-being: By learning how to care for your mental stamina, physical energy, and positive emotions in specific ways, you will feel more energized, happier, and healthier.
Balance and Resilience: We will focus on the importance of balancing mental, physical, and emotional energy, and developing resilience, enabling you to perform at your best and overcome obstacles more easily.



Improved Specialization: Greater focus allows you to excel in your chosen field, become known for your expertise, and makes you more competitive in your industry.
Improved Focus: Learn how to stay focused on your goals, avoid distractions, and remain committed to your work, leading to increased productivity, motivation and success.



Improved Relationships: By being intentional with your presence, you will learn how to communicate more effectively and authentically, leading to improved relationships, reduced conflict, and greater success in both personal and professional settings.
Increased Positive Energy: Learn how to elevate the energy you bring to your relationships, leading to a more positive and energetic environment and a brighter outlook on life.



Gain clarity and direction: By getting clear on your purpose and values, you will have a better understanding of what you want to achieve and how you want to live your life. This can help you make more informed decisions and stay on track toward your goals.
Flexibility and adaptability: Understanding that your purpose can change over time can give you the confidence to embrace change and adapt to new challenges. This can help you be more resilient and better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.



Increased Performance: Learn how to raise your necessity for exceptional performance, leading to a more results-oriented and effective approach to your work and greater success.
Improved Motivation: By actively tapping into the reasons for your need to perform well, you will feel more motivated and driven to achieve your goals, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Unlock your full potential as you unleash your inner superhuman with boundless energy, effortless efficiency, and an unstoppable zest for life!

Take control of your day, your success, and your happiness – the possibilities are endless!

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What’s included in your complimentary coaching session?

  • One-hour Zoom meeting with Julie Lowe.
  • The opportunity to candidly discuss your goals and what keeps you up at night.
  • We'll take a look at 5 key areas of your life and you are guaranteed to walk away with some high-performance habits you can start using immediately.
  • We'll discuss if Certified High Performance Coaching is right for you. No obligation, no 'hard sale' tactics!


"Julie's message about feeling overwhelmed as a high-achiever drew me in — this was a perfectly-timed example of the coach arriving when they are most needed. Finally, I was aware and ready to make changes in my life.

Julie "gets it." In our first coaching session, she guided me into a visualization that gave me clues about a recent core motivation in my business that needed attention. Her focus on nervous system regulation and small steps are spot on when it comes to anxiety and overwhelm — for me; it's THE key to my best self."

- Sandra E.

"Working with Julie has been a true pleasure and so eye-opening! I had a problem that had been in my way for more than six weeks, and I couldn't find a way past it. Julie gently walked me through an exercise that helped me flip the problem on its head!

I remember sitting there in awe at the dots I was suddenly able to connect for myself because of that flip. She provided a new context by reframing the problem for me in a way I never knew was possible. It was so empowering!

I'm still in awe of how powerful and useful these skills are! I'm so grateful I invested my time in working with Julie. I highly recommend her coaching!"

- Linda K.

"I had a session with Julie and I felt a massive shift in my ability to be seen. In one session, she helped me heal generational and past traumas and wounds that had me fearing success and playing small. She took me through a visualization that was SO powerful and showed me how I actually believed staying small and hiding were the safest option but through this visual, I saw so clearly and metaphorically how it is actually the opposite.

This session renewed a fire in me, a belief in myself, and reminded me of my why! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing, this is the work!"

- Chantelle A.

I care that you succeed AND have a healthy life full of positive emotions and relationships. I've had success without balance before. I've hit the rock bottom of exhaustion before and I don't want that for you. Let me show you a better way.

Meet Julie.

Julie Lowe is a Certified High Performance Coach and the founder of Socially Aligned. She helps ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs create a high-performance life before they burn out or burn it all down.

Julie created The Superhuman Experiment to help women design a life filled with joy and success. Over the past decade, she built a 7-figure business by helping thousands grow their businesses online.

In her programs, she reveals the science-backed practices that changed her life and helps women have breakthroughs in their brains, bodies, and bank accounts. Julie has been a featured expert in the national media, on stage, as well as on numerous podcasts.

Ready to chat? Grab a spot on my calendar or Message me!

Julie's coaching has really helped me with practical tools to improve not only how I feel, but how effective I can be in business. By learning about nervous system regulation, I can keep myself more continually in a high-performing state. I can't recommend her training and mentorship higher – Julie is the real deal.

— Cassie S.